Thermal Solar System to Produce Hot Water

Thermal Solar System for a small residential villa to staff or labour accommodations or to cater hot water for 5-star hotels application on loose supply as well as turnkey basis, i.e. design, supply, install, testing, commissioning and afterward yearly maintenance of installed system.

A.) Residential villa & Medium size application:
We offer Lapesa - Spain or DM approved, brand, having a successful track record. We cover capacity range from 100Lit. to 500Lit. stand-alone open system as well as pump base close loop system having coolant inside.
This system is consisting of Flat Plates collector, Thermal Fluid, expansion tank, storage tank having built-in electrical back-up of 2KW to 60KW capacities and more available complete with supporting brackets of 20° to 40° angle.

B.) Large Size Thermal Solar System:
System consist of evacuated tube type collectors, plate heat exchangers, pumps, 2/3 way valves, excess heat dissipation unit, expansion tanks, all hook up with one of back-up equipment such as LPG/Diesel/Electrical calorifier or boiler.
This complex system consist of 3,000 Lit. to 40,000 Lit. hot water storage tanks of 2 to 8nos. quantity depends on project’s demand. System can be enhanced by providing an Auto-wash system to avoid sand accumulating on solar collectors, to produce Hot water of ±65°C all around year even during cloudy weather on primary side of system.
System can be integrated with main BMS via HMI console. We do Annual Maintenance of supplied & installed system and we can share more information and our experience on a similar type of large system which are running successfully in Dubai, if required.

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