Indoor Air Quality Equipment

Currently CosaTron has over 33,000 systems installed worldwide. To our knowledge there is no system in existence that is as effective in the enhancement and facilitation of particulate removal as the CosaTron technology. Thru the agglomeration of molecules, it is a highly effective system to facilitate the removal of particulates, and specifically volatile organic compounds such as the hydrogen and sulfur compounds you refer to. We have over 50 years of data to support the principles and applications in regards to our effectiveness relative to these types of compounds. As you know, 98% of all particulate in a given space is comprised of sub-micron particles, and is not effected by air flow. Through our patented technology, and the excitation of the molecules, we enhance and accelerate the natural process of agglomeration and conglomeration that occurs in nature, building molecules thru a “snowball effect” to the size that is influenced by air flow, and facilitating the removal of the compounds thru the mechanical filtration process. Molecules must be approximately 3 microns in size to be effectively transported in an air stream. Our technology produces no secondary compounds present in all ionization technologies such as water vapor, ozone or CO2. Test data shows we are actually highly effective in the reduction of CO2. In addition, because we introduce the molecules back into the space at a neutral charge, we do not cause the phenomenon known as plating that is associate with ionization technologies. We are a proven technology, with superior and proven results. The IAQ of any space with CosaTron units in place is always superior to the same space not treated with our technology.

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