This product is basically an asphalt based membrane named “Alumaguard” which technically replaces the conventional vapor barrier i.e. mastic (glass / canvass cloth + foster) & metal cladding (Aluminum) on insulated piping & ducting….technical details are attached.
It is a perfect vapour barrier, weather barrier & also UV barrier.
There is absolutely no chance of any mold & fungal growth due to the material of construction….note that mold & fungal growth is a big environmental issue in the conventional method.
It has a very special self-healing quality which means that in case if it is puncher accidentally, the product comes back to its normal phase and this is due to the special chemical composition of the asphalt.


The product has a manufacturer’s warranty of 10-years.
The product is also cost effective when compared to the conventional method.
Alumaguard membrane to be directly wrapped on any insulated surface.
The Alumaguard product is 100% made in the USA and it is in use in various projects around the world since 1997….We are pleased to launch it exclusively in the U.A.E and near by region.

Product Comparison with conventional methode ( 1 page)
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Alumaguard presentation (20 slides)
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Special Membrane for CHW Ducts & Pipes

2012 CUI Blue Goo Revision

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